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Traditional Outsourcing Model Difficult
Foshan Sets up Service Outsourcing Fund
Foshan Sets up Service Outsourcing Fund
NAB's MLC looking to outsource IT services
India's outsourcing business: On the turn
India forecast outsource service recovery
China Top 50 Service Outsourcing Players
China Top 50 Service Outsourcing Providers
India's Next Outsourcing Wave
Philippine's Service Outsourcing Up 19%
Gartner:CIOs Not Investing More in IT
CCASO Signed Agreement in Shenzhen
China Service Outsourcing Speeds Up
2009 CISOCC is very successful
Thousand Talents Plan -One million each


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Invitation Letter for 2015 CISOCC
Registration Form for 2015 CISOCC
New rules on outsourcing business Activity
China encourages service outsourcing
20 Model Cities for Service Outsourcing
Info Protection in Service Outsourcing


Xuzhou Intl Service Outsource Conference
Please join CISOCC overseas delegation
Call for exhibitors : The Canton Fair
21st Century Maritime Silk Road Intl Expo
China International Events & Trade Shows
N.A. Shared Services & Outsourcing Week
China International Import Conference2014
European shared service outsourcing week
NA shared services and outsourcing week
China International Import Expo 2013
China Cross-Straits Tech & Project Fair
12th China Consumer & Investment Expo
May 2010 Visit to ZhongGuanCun Sci Park
China Intl Software & Info Service Fair
China Game Outsourcing Conference,CGOC


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Fear of Service Outsourcing: Justified?
Great Ideas: Adventures in exporting
Podcast33: Global transaction management
Mobile World Congress: Not a Phone Show
Where Are the Network Virtual Appliances
Where Business Expect High Profit Growth



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